Custom Tile Backsplash

A custom tile Backsplash adds a touch of elegance and class to your kitchen or bathroom.  A good looking tile backsplash not only adds beauty, but function as well as it protects your walls from all of the common spills and mishaps you can find within a kitchen.  Oil, grease, ketchup, various sauces and splashes that usually adorn the wall of a kitchen become much easier to clean.Tile backsplash builder in Seguin Texas.

Before making a decision on your backsplash, you want to have all of your cabinet, countertop and appliance selections finished.  This way you’ll be able to choose a backsplash material or tile pattern that can compliment the rest of your kitchen.  Your tile choices will be overwhelming so keep the idea simple.

Lonestar Home Solutions is a full service home remodeling contractor based out of Seguin, Texas.  We specialize in designing and building custom tile backsplashes into residential kitchens and commercial buildings.  We can add a backsplash to your kitchen, bathroom, spa, or wherever you’d like one, really.

Custom Tile Backsplash Design and Construction

  • Tile backsplashes for kitchens
  • Tile backsplashes for bathrooms
  • Tile backsplashes for commercial buildings
  • Tile backsplash replacement

Replace An Existing Tile Backsplash

Do you have an existing backsplash in your kitchen that is old and dated and needs to be replaced?  Not a problem at all!  We have special tile saws and removal tools to take the old backsplash off and then we can work with you to design and install a beautiful new accent in your kitchen.

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